15 Best Movies Like The Endless Horror Fans Should Watch

While “The Endless” explores the fractured bond between two brothers, Ari Aster’s “Midsommar” instead focuses on the crumbling romance between two graduate students. When Dani (Florence Pugh) loses her family in a devastating and heartbreaking tragedy, her boyfriend Christian (Jack Reynor), who had been hoping to break up with her, decides to spare her the further trauma…sort of. He is no longer emotionally engaged or engaged, but rather than tell her that, he chooses not to say anything at all. Another thing he’s trying to silence? His summer plans, which include going with a group of other graduate students to visit their friend Pelle’s ancestral township in the remote and perpetually sunny Swedish hills for a rare but meaningful midsummer celebration. The avoidant Christian ends up reluctantly inviting the understandably depressed and frustrated Dani, only for the group to witness disturbing – and deadly – ​​rituals upon their arrival.

Reddit user u/PeepsInThyChilliPot is a “Midsommar” fan, who doesn’t care for “traditional dark, dull horror,” so a number of other Redditors suggested “The Endless.” And it’s true that “The Endless” and “Midsommar” are weird, experimental, and largely character-driven cult films. Basically, according to BuzzFeed News’ Alison Willmore, “Midsommar” is about “a thirst for belonging, a desire that extends beyond the reach of [the movie’s] central toxic romance to include the idea of ​​a more authentic, united way of life.” And, ultimately, isn’t that exactly what younger brother Aaron aspires to in “The Endless” too?

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