4 bold predictions for the 2021-22 NBA season

The Sacramento Kings are hoping to end the league’s longest playoff drought this upcoming 2021-22 NBA season. Sacramento has finally been trying to break that dismal streak since its last playoff appearance in 2007.

As constructed, it’s easy to see the talent the Kings have from top to bottom of the roster. They are led by a dynamic point guard from De’Aaron Fox and a supporting cast comprising a good mix of veterans and young stallions with potential.

Being in the ever-competitive Western Conference certainly isn’t helping their case. But if Sacramento is able to piece the puzzle together and figure it out, they could make some noise this next campaign. That said, here are four bold predictions from Kings 2021-22.

Sacramento Kings Predictions 2021-22

4. Buddy Hield will always be a king at the end of the season

Buddy Hield has seen his name appear in business rumors for some time now. In fact, he was almost sold to the Los Angeles Lakers this past offseason. But alas, Hield will be wearing a Kings uniform when their campaign opens on October 20. And we expect that will be the case until the end of the season.

Hield has had arguments with coach Luke Walton in the past. The former NBA veteran has a few decisions to make regarding his roster, particularly with second-year guard Tyrese Haliburton arguing for the two-guard starting post alongside De’Aaron Fox.

If Walton opts for the high IQ, all-rounder Haliburton, that means Hield is sent back to the bench – a role he has openly said he prefers not to have. Nonetheless, despite this, the 3-point knockdown specialist maintained his professionalism, saying he would be willing to do whatever it takes for the Kings to win, even if it means coming off the bench. If Sacramento is able to find more success with Hield just pulling a threesome on the pine – and possibly being in contention for the sixth man of the year (another prediction) – then it will be difficult to imagine them exchanging it in mid-season.

3. Marvin Bagley will play more than 70 games

Marvin Bagley III has, for the most part, failed to live up to the bill of being the second overall pick in its class. It’s particularly disappointing for Kings fans as those who followed him (Luka Doncic and Trae Young) have become superstar players for their respective franchises.

Nonetheless, one of the main reasons Bagley has yet to regain form is simply because he hasn’t been able to stay on the ground. He only appeared in 118 of 226 possible regular season games.

In a few flashes, the 22-year-old showed he is a great all-rounder who could thrive in today’s NBA. He’s actually had a great rookie campaign, where he was part of the rookie first team averaging 14.9 points and 7.6 rebounds on 50.4 percent shots from the field. Sadly, it’s all been downhill since, as he never really gained momentum due to his injuries. It seemed that every time he recovered, he suffered another. That’s why, like Hield, Bagley also saw his name appear in business rumors last summer.

With Bagley entering this season without lingering ailments and a stronger body, there’s a good chance he will remain relatively unscathed in the 82-game campaign. If he reaches at least 70 games, that should be enough to give him a chance to show his worth and have an outstanding year.

2. De’Aaron Fox will make his first All-Star team

De’Aaron Fox averaged 25.2 points, 3.5 rebounds and 7.2 assists during the 2020-21 season. Looking at those numbers alone, you’d think he made the All-Star squad. But due to the heap of talented guards in the West, Fox was not included in the mid-year NBA All-Star Show, even as a replacement.

As mentioned, with the number of elite guards in the Western Conference, it can be difficult for Starfox to break the all-star game. Stephen Curry, Luka Doncic, and Damian Lillard are basically locks, considering they’re all healthy. Then there’s Devin Booker, Chris Paul, Donovan Mitchell and many more who are all fighting for two or three spots on the list.

If Fox is able to at least duplicate the production he had last season and Sacramento finally makes some noise in the West until the middle of the season, it will be difficult to keep the quick southpaw out of consideration for an All. -Star nodding.

1. The Kings will make the play-in tournament

Even with the play-in tournament of the past two seasons, the King still hasn’t, at least, had the opportunity to make the playoffs. The West is just as busy as ever, and it’s hard to see any of the playoff teams from a season ago fall completely. For a franchise still looking to break a 15-year playoff drought, making the play-in and making a meaningful game or two could be Sacramento’s main focus this coming campaign.

All of the aforementioned predictions – Hield staying put and thriving as a sixth man, Bagley staying healthy and Fox making his All-Star debut – should be the main ingredients of a strong season for the Kings. Making the play-in tournament, at the very least, should be the start of a successful campaign for Sacramento.

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