Agriculture Center / VCE Help VA Tech Showcase Land-grant Mission at 2022 Virginia Ag Expo

The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research in Danville, Va., will post information about Virginia Tech’s partnership with the Institute for Controlled Environment Agriculture, and the Virginia Employment Commission will share training and employment needs. agricultural employment education for technology and other priorities.

The Center for Advanced Innovation in Agriculture, in partnership with the Commonwealth Cyber ​​Initiative in Southwest Virginia, will showcase the importance of securing technologies and the growing use of the Internet of Things in agriculture while protecting agricultural data and decisions. Professors and graduate students will be available to discuss with visitors drones, sensors, mobile applications, security, and analytical approaches that provide real-time or rapid insights to make informed decisions for plant agriculture and animal.

As global populations grow, the climate changes and technologies evolve, agricultural innovation today is essential to producing enough food for the future. This is one of the reasons the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences created the Center for Advanced Innovation in Agriculture, of which the Virginia Tech SmartFarm Innovation Network is a part.

Partnerships help Virginia Tech scientists and engineers design improved, safe, and economically useful agricultural technologies and translate science to help increase production yields, efficiency, and economic value. Photo by Max Esterhuizen for Virginia Tech.

The center catalyzes collaboration and connections where Virginia Tech scientists and stakeholders with diverse expertise come together to solve complex problems, develop and apply new technologies and innovative solutions, and help the agriculture industry grow. adapt to emerging technologies.

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