An introduction to SIM-based authentication

Join our Founder and Analyst Simon Moffat on July 20 for our final industry fireside chat, where he will discuss the emerging field of SIM card-based authentication, with Paul McGuire, CEO of

Authentication is the primary barrier to application access for B2E employees and B2C consumers – and its evolution is driven by the need for secure, yet usable runtime login methods that can maintain privacy and be transparent.

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Authentication has always faced the conundrum of security Where usable – yet in today’s modern digital landscape, user communities based on customers, consumers and citizens require both. The distributed and hybrid nature of the modern workforce also puts pressure on existing authentication methods such as one-time passwords and push notifications.

The real threat of “application fatigue” and the often complex and siled nature of specialized authentication methods have resulted in a patchwork of login experiences – which are operationally costly, but fail to deliver trusted users.

Is there another way to tackle the conundrum of connection? Could using the SIM card as a factor of ownership help provide both the benefits of hardware security – be it tamper resistance or low cloning ability – as well as than software benefits such as rapid deployment and repeatability?

In this fireside chat webinar, Simon and Paul will discuss the emerging mode of SIM-based authentication – the capabilities, benefits, and future use cases it could solve. aims to “transform authentication with SIM security…as a new ownership factor API that lets you embed security built into everyone’s mobile phone.”

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