Atlanta History Center preserves fight for women’s suffrage

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – Ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, the Atlanta History Center reminds visitors of the journey women have taken to gain the right to vote.

”We are standing in the exhibition Every Big Change: The Centennial of the 19th Amendment. The centenary was actually back in 2020. We had other events in 2020 that might have distracted us a bit from that. We left it open for people to come and see it because it really is an amazing story,” Vice President of Democratic Initiatives and Author Programs Claire Haley said.

“We’re in the Swan House, so there’s a second room here that’s been transformed to talk about ‘Women have the right to vote. Now what do they do with it?'” Haley said .

The fight for women’s suffrage was very different for white women than for colored women.

The exhibit covers the different timelines of women’s right to vote and suffrage. The different stories of women of color are woven throughout the exhibition.

“This exhibit is small but mighty,” Haley said.

This is all part of the center’s efforts to use its platform to positively impact our democracy.

“It’s a way we seek to connect history, to how we can all be more informed and engaged citizens in our local communities,” Haley said.

History can be made up of events from the past, but the ideas behind the stories in history can be factored into whatever the future holds.

“History can be difficult, it can be difficult and we’re not afraid of that, but it can also be inspiring,” Haley said, “There are so many stories of people in the past who have done amazing things. , incredible, and the good news is that they are only human too.

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