Ball State University Honors Spring 2022 Graduates at Traditional Commencement Ceremony

For the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ball State University returned to its traditional setting on Saturday for its spring commencement ceremony.

At the main ceremony held Saturday morning on the Old Quad, Ball State awarded more than 3,400 doctoral, specialist, master’s and bachelor’s degrees for its class of 2022. The university president , Geoffrey S. Mearns, speaking from the stage on the Fine Arts Terrace, encouraged graduates to take a moment to appreciate the opportunity to play a vital role in a more than 100-year-old university tradition.

“As members of the Class of 2022, I hope you appreciate what it means to be part of this special tradition – our annual launch ceremonies. A tradition that began with these 10 students over 100 years ago. tradition that has brought pride to more than 200,000 graduates who have sat in the chairs on this lawn, ready to receive their degrees and embark on their future lives, just like all of you,” said President Mearns.

During the main ceremony, the University awarded journalists and best-selling authors Deborah and James Fallows honorary doctorates of arts, officially recognizing the couple’s influence on American culture through their ideas on politics, foreign affairs and life in cities across the country. .

Reading the 2018 fallows New York Times bestselling book, Our cities: a 100,000 mile journey to the heart of America, President Mearns invited the couple to Ball State to witness the good things happening in and around Muncie. Since that first visit, the Fallows have written several articles about Ball State’s innovative partnership with Muncie Community Schools, among other points of community pride.

“Deb and Jim, I’m grateful for the work you do every day on this,” President Mearns told the Fallows at Saturday’s launch event. “Through your reporting and leadership of your foundation, you are fostering greater civic engagement, community renewal, and genuine dialogue among the citizens of our country.

“In honoring you today, our university recognizes your combined accomplishments as accomplished journalists and authors,” President Mearns continued. “With this award, we also recognize our shared belief – as individuals and as an institution – that communities are strengthened when people take responsibility for the world that exists right outside their doorstep.”

In their speech to Ball State graduates, the Fallows encouraged students to live engaging and fulfilling lives as they embark on their next chapters.

“Thanks to your hard work, you are now in an enviable position – you are about to graduate from a wonderful university with an excellent reputation. You are ready to turn in any direction you put your mind and energy in,” said Dr. Deborah Fallows. “With such privilege comes responsibility – responsibility to those who have invested in you and to the people of the world, with whom you will share your time on this Earth. Do your best to lead a committed and generous life, with optimism and passion. And one that benefits your fellow men and women.

“Conversation is cheap and community engagement is difficult. But during your time at Ball State, your school showed in detail what it looks like to live out the message that members of the community rise or fall together. It’s an example of intentional inclusion that America today desperately needs, and one that you can take with you to the America of tomorrow – wherever you end up living, whatever you end up doing – thinking about this place and what you learned here,” says Dr. James Fallows.

Saturday’s debut drills concluded with individual varsity ceremonies at Worthen Arena. Among those making remarks at the Miller College of Business/College of Communication, Information, and Media ceremony on Saturday afternoon was Wm, a 1986 Ball State graduate. Craig Dobbs, Chief Investment Officer for The Dobbs Group at Graystone Consulting.

Mr. Dobbs received the President’s Medal of Distinction on Friday, in recognition of his dedication to the world of finance and his generosity to the University. Mr. Dobbs, who earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from Ball State, is inducted into the Miller College of Business Hall of Fame in April 2022. In addition to his investment in his alma mater, Mr. Dobbs and his wife, Teneen, support a range of religious, scientific, literary and educational causes through the William Craig and Teneen L. Dobbs Charitable Foundation, which the couple established in 2010. along with the Children’s TherAplay Foundation in 2001.

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