Celebrate Halloween halfway through with an entertainment festival in Siamsa Tíre

Ooh… what was that scary sound? It’s the sound of Halloween (otherwise known as the Celtic Samhain Festival) and it’s just around the corner.

Years ago, our ancestors celebrated Samhain by approaching fire and entertaining themselves with stories of wandering spirits and other worlds. Siamsa Tíre now invites you to continue this tradition of entertainment with its annual Samhain Festival.

Taking place during the mid-term break from Monday, October 25 through Saturday, October 30, it promises a family-friendly mix of theater, craft workshops, and storytelling, with an enchanting children’s art exhibit for good measure.

It opens on Monday with ‘I am Baba’. It is a theatrical experience created for parents and babies by internationally acclaimed director Anna Newell and award-winning composer David Goodall. They will take babies and their parents on an adventure of lights, songs and textures while exploring themes of identity and personality.

Two workshops for children take place on Tuesday October 26. The first is Sculptures from Rubbish, where kids create architectural sculptures from objects that most of us throw in the trash. The second is Robots from Rubbish, where they use toilet paper, cardboard, and aluminum foil to create colorful robotic characters.

Wednesday October 27 is a day of monsters, on stage and off stage. The Barnstorm Theater Company will feature Alice and the Wolf, a grim tale of Little Red Riding Hood in the digital age. It features a little girl who spends most of her time playing an online game called Wolf World. His father is not there. Her mother left for Canada to meet a lumberjack and her best friend dumped her for a YouTube star. What will she do when the people she plays with online pick her up in real life? What if one of them is the big bad wolf?

Also on Wednesday, illustrator Olivia Golden will host a Halloween Monster Mash-Up workshop. Olivia’s work has been featured in over 30 books for all ages and in this workshop she will introduce kids to a world of Raboos, Slumpires, Fletitches and maybe even a Zat or two! She will then help them create monsters inspired by their own imaginations.

On Friday, October 29, Designer Minds – a group that aims to expose children to the wonders of science, design and technology through activities and hands-on experiences – will host a Spooky Science workshop. Children will be shown how to make potions that bubble and burp and even how to make pumpkins vomit.

Tralee Pottery Club hosts pottery workshops on Saturday October 30th. Open to children of all ages up to teenagers, with one especially for parents and toddlers, these will be pottery wheel tasting workshops where everyone will throw their own pot on a professional wheel, decorate it and bring it back. at home as a work of art to be admired on the fireplace.

Irish author, storyteller, speaker and host Eddie Lenihan will also be present on Saturday, telling tales of magic, myth and mystery for young and old. Eddie is one of the few traditional storytellers (seanchaithe) remaining in Ireland and audiences can expect to be spellbound by his stories.

Performers from the Siamsa Tíre National Folk Theater Training Academy will also host their own celebration of Samhain on Saturday, with a presentation projected on the outer walls of the theater for all to enjoy. Fun, frolics, tricks or treats, mischievous fairies and lots of song and dance were promised, as well as an apparition threatened by the Banshee!

The centerpiece of this year’s Samhain Festival is A Way Home / An Slí Abhaile. This large commissioned art exhibit for kids tells the story of two siblings who get lost in the woods on Halloween. They meet all kinds of otherworldly creatures who teach them the true meaning of this festival. The story was written by children’s author Olivia Hope and features illustrations from 20 renowned children’s book illustrators. Be sure to allow time to visit it when you attend one of the events held at Siamsa Tíre halfway through. It’s scary.

For more information and to book tickets, visit http://www.siamsatire.com/events.

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