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Washburn University offers a variety of positions. Two employees explained why they chose to work at Washburn.

Washburn University offers various job opportunities for those looking to work. Whether it’s administrative positions, faculty positions, or even student office assistants, the campus is always looking to fill positions.

As in any employment industry, turnover comes and goes. Washburn has employees who have been at the university since the arrival of current president Jerry Farleely, while on the other hand Washburn students often decide to return as employees.

Ellie Walker, a Washburn graduate, decided to return to Washburn as a public relations specialist.

“I started at Washburn Tech in 2016 and started college in 2017 and graduated in 2021,” Walker said. “It really feels like home.”

Being familiar with the campus and having the right degree, Walker attempted to apply.

“I saw they had a PR position and I thought that was a good start because it feels like home to me already,” Walker said.

Some students tend to start their careers as Washburn employees because the school is willing and allows their dedication and willingness to let them learn.

“It’s a really good place to work, I feel like there are so many good opportunities here,” Walker said. “The advantages are good and I like to be surrounded by people.

Although students have the opportunity to find a place at Washburn, those looking to return to the Midwest may find the campus exciting.

“I’m from Florida and had never been to the Midwest,” said Washburn social media specialist Morganne Lander.

Earning his master’s degree at Missouri State introduced Lander to life in the Midwest. and living in the Midwest changed without ever coming to the Midwest for Lander.

She moved to Texas, but missed the Midwest and started looking for work.

“I started looking for jobs in the Midwest and Washburn popped up,” Lander said. “I came to visit and interviewed, thought it was a really cool place and the campus was amazing.”

Although Lander is not originally from Washburn, she fell in love with her job during the six months she worked on campus.

“I like the variety, there’s a lot of creativity and that’s something that really excites me,” Lander said.

Different people come to work at Washburn for different reasons, but the main one is that it feels familiar.

Walker and Lander didn’t shy away from their position at Washburn, showing that the familiar feeling of the campus helped potential employees feel welcomed and accepted long before they applied or took up a position. at Washburn.

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