Events in Stowe and Burlington to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day — Waterbury Roundabout

Events in Stowe and Burlington next week will observe Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The Jewish Community of Greater Stowe along with the Greater Stowe Interfaith Coalition, the Stowe Jewish Film Festival and the Vermont Holocaust Memorial will host the annual Holocaust Remembrance Rally on Wednesday, April 27 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

The theme of the program, “saving memories”, will include prayers, a candle-lighting ceremony, readings and the film “3 minutes – A lengthening.”

Created from amateur film found in an attic in Florida, the film uses footage taken in the late 1930s showing Jewish citizens of a small Polish village on the brink of World War II. Filmmaker Bianca Stiger identifies the people and details of this community by focusing on its humanity and individuality.

A discussion will follow, moderated by Stephen Pite, Assistant Dean of Goddard College and former Director of the MFA in Film at the Vermont College of Fine Art. Author Glenn Kurtz who found the 1930s footage will also join via Zoom.

The in-person gathering will be open to 35 participants via Zoom. Registration and more information is online at or call 802-253-1800.

Announcing the event, organizer Patti Rubin shared a quote from Austrian Holocaust survivor and writer Simon Wiesenthal: “For your benefit, learn from our tragedy. It is not a written law that the next victims must be Jews. It can also be other people. We saw it start in Germany with Jews, but people from over twenty other nations were also murdered.

Burlington Professor, Holocaust Survivor Featured Speaker

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