EX from Saskatoon: the story in pictures

The Saskatoon EX started in the 1800s as a place to show the best cattle. As other agricultural shows in the region began to attract audiences, organizers changed the focus of the event. There was less emphasis on farming and more on entertainment and rides.

Here’s a look at how the Saskatoon EX became a beloved summer event.

The top half of a poster for the Third Annual Saskatoon Exposition from October 3, 1888. (Saskatoon Public Library)
A shot of the midway with crowds, tents and the grandstand in the background in 1909. (Saskatoon Public Library)
Trapeze artists perform at the EX, dated 1912. (Saskatoon Public Library)
A synchronized swimming act with swimmers in star formation, dated July 1942. (Saskatoon Public Library)
The Radio City Rockettes in a kick-line on stage at the EX in the 1950s. (Saskatoon Public Library)
Cattle Show, Entertainment and Hoop Dance, dated July 1, 1965. (Saskatoon Public Library)
First Nations Camp at EX, dated July 1970. (Saskatoon Public Library)
Lights on at the EX midway ride, August 1982. (Saskatoon Public Library)
Threshing demonstration in the days of the EX pioneers in 1983. (Saskatoon Public Library)
Games at Saskatoon EX 2016. (CTV News)

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