Featured Photographer: Victoria Kosel – “A Cut Above” — Analog Forever Magazine

In a prescient realization, an early love for making handmade greeting cards, with cutting, gluing, stitching and rearranging colored papers, predicted her eventual decision to use these methods in making of his most recent works. Her experimentation with cutting out her pictures came later in her college years, after she felt she was too precious with her working prints. Not wanting to feel held back, she began cutting shapes out of her images, slicing them into strips, and doing whatever she could to “destroy” them in an organized way – a significant step forward. Then, through further experimentation, she tried to weave the images together, and that process ended up sticking. Letting spontaneity take control and working organically towards his final photographs is now a crucial part of his process.

“My typical process is to shoot and develop film, then scan and print my images. When handling my images, I always cut by hand with an X-Acto knife and ruler. I like the process physical and repetitive – it’s very meditative and gives me time to reflect on my work and notice small details I hadn’t noticed before.

When asked what new directions the work might take, Kosel replied, “I’m starting to experiment with different ways of cutting and arranging my images. I cut them out and glued them onto pieces of wood and started to play around with a more three-dimensional sculptural approach, so I’m excited to see where this takes me.

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