Indonesia seeks to boost trade with Taiwan at exhibition

Indonesia’s representative office in Taipei yesterday said it wants to boost bilateral trade with Taiwan by inviting local businesses to attend the online opening ceremony of Indonesia’s largest annual trade event.

The 36th Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI), which runs virtually until December 20, aims to foster trade networks and showcase Indonesian products, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said at the ceremony.

“We are grateful that the [COVID-19] pandemic situation is [now] under control in Indonesia, which is why it is very important that Indonesia’s world trade be revived, ”Widodo said. “We are open to all cooperation, trade and investment with our business partners which strengthen our human capacities.”

The exhibition, said to be Indonesia’s largest annual international trade fair, is being held online for the second year in a row due to restrictions linked to the pandemic.

People from all over the world, including Taiwan, can register to attend the event virtually.

The director of the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office in Taipei (IETO), Budi Santoso, said that before the pandemic, importers from all over the world attended the event in Jakarta.

Concerned about importers’ reluctance to participate in a virtual exhibition due to the challenges of language differences, the office offers services to help Taiwanese navigate products and meet business partners in Indonesia with a “Mini TEI” at the Indonesia Exhibition Center at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 in Xinyi District (信義).

In response, IETO Taipei, Indonesia’s representative in Taipei, tries to present a Mini TEI where you will all be personally accompanied by our staff to virtually explore Indonesian products and, if necessary, help you communicate with exporters in Indonesia, ”Budi mentioned.

Participants are treated to a range of authentic Indonesian dishes, including satay skewers and a gado-gado salad.

Meanwhile, Kevin Lin (林宜良), vice president of ELOM Trade Co, which operates under the name of ASEAN VIP International Trading Co (億 瓏 貿易), received the Primaduta Award, which is awarded by the Indonesian government foreign companies that import Indonesian products.

Lin’s company, which imports basic necessities such as groceries, was one of 25 out of 330 nominated by Indonesian trade offices around the world.

ASEAN VIP International is the first Taiwanese company to win this award.

The company imported $ 7.745 million worth of Indonesian goods last year and has helped small and medium-sized Indonesian businesses design packaging to make their products more competitive in the international market, the business analyst told reporters. from IETO, Muhammad Fuad Hamzah.

“The price is not only based on numbers or trade volume, it also takes into account the companies’ human interest history and their contribution to Indonesian small and medium enterprises,” said Fuad.

The company has been importing goods from Southeast Asia for about 30 years, originally motivated by the idea of ​​sourcing basic necessities and items used by Taiwan’s many migrant workers, said Linen.

“Many Indonesian small and medium-sized businesses are also keen to expand into overseas markets, but might not have the connections to help them, when in reality their products are of good quality,” Lin said.

Indonesia is Taiwan’s 14th largest trading partner, with more than $ 5.39 billion in imports from Taiwan and $ 2.17 billion in exports from January to last month, according to data from the Bureau of Commerce outside.

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