International research networks Port Arthur ISD teachers for foreign language courses – Port Arthur News

An international search for Spanish-speaking teachers for the Port Arthur Independent School District resulted in five new educators.

The district worked with Global International Concepts, a Nashville-based company specifically designed to recruit international teachers, said Adrienne Lott, media and communications specialist for PAISD. Teachers are recruited through an international visiting teacher program.

The district needed educators to teach Spanish as a foreign language, and the new recruits will work with all of the students. Graduation requirements include at least two years of a foreign language.

Jimmy Wyble, PAISD’s director of human resources, said 14 people were interviewed over Zoom and the job was extended to five of them – two from Mexico, two from Colombia and one from Spain.

Lott said two of the new teachers will work at Memorial High School, one will work at Wilson Early College High School and one each at Jefferson and Lincoln colleges.

Eighth graders are also required to take a foreign language course, which counts towards their diploma. Previously, the class was delivered as a distance learning course through the Region 5 Education Center, similar to a Zoom course. With new recruits, the course will be taught in class.

Lot explained that the new hires have teaching credentials in their home countries and have been approved for a one-year certification by the State Board of Education to work in Texas. SBEC will review their credentials for a one-year renewal.

New teachers are expected to arrive in Port Arthur in a minimum of six weeks. PAISD is already looking for resources they can offer to help with the transition to the United States

Wyble said hiring new teachers helps the district meet the needs of its students.

“Teachers are excited to come join the PAISD family,” Wyble said.

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