‘It’s a shame’ – Damon Hill blames Lewis Hamilton for lack of self-control – Max Verstappen crashes

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collided again during the Italian Grand Prix. But this time the two drivers got out of the race, which was not the case at Silverstone where only Max got out.


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Former world champion Damon Hill mentioned that the two drivers could have avoided the crash, and he criticized Hamilton for showing a lack of self-control and Verstappen for making the trip.

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I don’t think this is a show of skill: Damon Hill

As reported by Motorsport.com, the 1996 champion said the title fight between Hamilton and Verstappen was very exciting. He also mentioned that it is sad to see close battles result in accidents.

“It has become very addicting. It is exciting and fascinating. I just think it’s a shame in our sport that it inevitably leads to these accidents. I don’t think this is a demonstration of competence. It shows a lack of self-control, really ”, said Colline.

Formula 1 F1 – Italian Grand Prix – Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Monza, Italy – September 12, 2021, Max Verstappen of Red Bull and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes come out of the race REUTERS / Jennifer Lorenzini TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Hill also commented on the crash at Monza between title rivals.

“It was preventable. The question is whether this is an error in judgment, or a deliberate reluctance to give in. They both play hard, but I think you have to be at least a wheel ahead to try to get around someone, and Max has never been in that position. said Colline.


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Former world champion analyzes Hamilton-Verstappen crash

Hill did not blame any driver for the aftermath of the crash, and he also mentioned that he was happy the Mercedes driver came out of the crash unscathed. He mentioned that once Max was on the sausage pavement the accident was inevitable.


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“Once you do that, you are out of control. He had the option of taking the escape route, I think, earlier than that and avoiding contact and going somewhere else, but he didn’t. Maybe he knew that if Lewis got ahead, he was screwed.

Formula 1 F1 – British Grand Prix – Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone, Great Britain – July 18, 2021 Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes and Max Verstappen of Red Bull before the Pool race via REUTERS / Lars Baron

“The consequences are pretty dire, and luckily Lewis is unharmed. I saw a photo of his head being crushed by the tire and Max had dropped the clutch rather than his head attached to the tire, which could have been extremely unpleasant. But it’s something that is beyond Max’s control ”, said former Williams driver.


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The crash meant Verstappen stayed ahead of Hamilton in the championship. But he also received a penalty of 3 grid places for the Russian Grand Prix.

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