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TR PHOTO BY SUSANNA MEYER Captain Pam Kasten, who led the Salvation Army in Marshalltown for four years, is resigning from her post, and her last day will be May 22.

After leading the Salvation Army in Marshalltown for four years, Captain Pam Kasten resigned her post to pursue other opportunities. His last day will be May 22.

Kasten has worked with Salvation Army Central Territory for 10 years – two years in Omaha, Neb., four years in Boone, then four years in Marshalltown. Kasten said her resignation was not a decision she took lightly and had thought about it for several months.

“I love Marshalltown and I love what I do, but I just felt like it was time for a change and I felt like God was asking me to do something different,” he said. she declared.

Kasten will move to Cedar Rapids, where she will work for manufacturing company Raining Rose as a training and development specialist. Raining Rose produces personal care products, and while Kasten is eager to start something new, she’s also a little nervous about learning the ropes.

Prior to working in the Salvation Army Central Territory, Kasten spent two years in seminary and served as a youth pastor for three years. She also worked at a Salvation Army store in St. Louis for six years.

After spending much of her adult life working with the nonprofit, Kasten said switching to a for-profit business would definitely be an adjustment, but she also thinks her experience will translate well. in his new position.

“I will be in charge of all their training,” Kasten said. “I’ve trained a lot of different people in a lot of different capacities over 10 years, so yeah, I’m definitely going to use the skills that I’ve developed.”

She also transitions from working as an administrator and being in charge of several departments and initiatives at once to managing part of a business, which is one of the aspects of the new job that attracted to her.

“I’m looking forward to being in charge of one piece,” Kasten said. “I always say I have about 50 plates spinning at a time, so it will be nice to step back and be part of a congregation and get some rest.”

Kasten is transitioning from being on call to working eight-hour shifts, and she’s willing to accept some of the downtime that will provide. She is also delighted to indulge in one of her favorite hobbies.

“My favorite thing is spending time with horses, so I’m going to have that opportunity and just kind of ‘be.’ church and not having to lead it, so I’m looking forward to some of this stuff,” Kasten said.

Looking back on her tenure with the Salvation Army, Kasten said working with children in youth programs was one of the highlights of her position.

“Children are my heart. Youth ministry – that’s probably going to be the thing I’ll miss the most is working with them,” she said.

Kasten also felt fortunate to see the support Marshalltown community members showed through the tornado and derecho during her tenure with the Salvation Army.

It is. Chris and Abby Nicolai, a couple from Porter County, Ind., will take over from Kasten on June 8. The Nicolais have led the Salvation Army in Porter County for three years, and they have been assigned to Marshalltown by the organization’s western division.

Chris Nicolai will come with some experience as a youth pastor, and Abby Nicolai has a bachelor’s degree in social work. Between May 23 and June 8, Salvation Army headquarters leaders will step in to run the Marshall County branch, but no changes in services are expected.


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