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Try your best, the digital revolution hasn’t completely killed pen and paper. It just changed our relationship with secular practice. No longer needed for everyday communication purposes, handwriting has become something much better: a profession.

Meditative and mindful, there are cognitive benefits to writing the old-fashioned way that aren’t shared with typing on a computer, psychologists say. Studies have has demonstrated that writing by hand builds capacity to recall information, think conceptually and retain knowledge longer. Pen and paper can also stimulate creativity. “The paper allows much greater graphic freedom: you can write on either side, keep margins or not, superimpose lines or distort them. There is nothing to make you follow a pre-established pattern ”, explains Claire Bustarret, specialist in codex manuscripts, in The Guardian.

Between Moleskine and Kaweco, whose new collaboration is sure to please any calligrapher, studious note-taker, devoted columnist or scribbler. Known for his partnerships with artists such as illustrator Carlo Stanga I Am City and the limited edition collection of psychedelic pop artist Steven Harrington, the cult notebook brand has teamed up with German pen maker Kaweco to create custom writing sets, including fountain and rollerball pens with cases matching leather in green, black, purple and red. Assembled in its Nuremberg factory to the exacting standards that have guided the manufacturer since 1883, each set is packaged in a vintage-style metal box.

“AT Moleskine, our driving credo is that each of us is a creative person and that one of the most primary and instinctive ways to unleash creativity, human genius, is the simple act of putting a pen on paper. Our Kaweco pens fit perfectly into the Moleskine ecosystem of tools that promote and enhance creativity and we are very happy that they are so well received, ”said CEO Daniela Riccardi.

A sleek yet timeless silhouette gives the pens a contemporary look, with perfectly formed grooves in the handle so the nibs glide freely across the paper. Beautiful enough to be carried and proudly displayed, Moleskine for Kaweco is a statement pen and a reminder to take a note or two every now and then. “Recent neuroscientific research has discovered a distinct neural pathway that is only activated when we physically pull out our letters,” neuroscientist Claudia Aguirre writing. “And this path, deeply rooted in practice, is linked to our overall success in learning and memory.”

Plus, you never know when the inspiration is going to hit.

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