Nearly 100 teachers attend TFSC 2022 Teaching Camp

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Teaching Camp 2022

Ninety-nine U of A faculty participated in TFSC 2022 Teaching Camp held Aug. 8-10 in Eureka Springs, with 82 attending in person and 17 via Zoom. The theme for this year’s teaching camp was “Student Motivation and Engagement”.

Cynthia Brame, associate director of the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University and author of The essentials of science education, provided the keynote address (via Zoom) on “Active Learning: Why and How to Integrate It into Your Students’ Practice, In and Out of Class.” Additional workshops and sessions were presented by U of A faculty:

  • Neuromyths – How “Know” You Don’t? – Stephanie Adams
  • Encourage student attendance by improving engagement – Samantha Robinson and Chris Shields
  • Testing the Waters with Study Abroad – Paul Calleja and Lynn Meade
  • Leverage personal values ​​to boost student motivation – Laurie Brady and Jenn Veilleux
  • The ABCs of integrating diversity, equity and inclusion into your classroom Hawraa Alzouwain, Margaret Butcher and Kate Chapman
  • Assessment of student learning Chris Estepp and Kate Walker
  • Teaching seminars and small classes Lindsey Aloia and Claire Terhune
  • Teach large classes Neil Alison and Lori Holyfield
  • Teaching Technology Tips and Tricks Jim Maddox and Kathryn Zawisza
  • Adequately funny – Using humor in the classroom – Tim Kral
  • Teaching Certificate Peer Observation Faith Lessner, Heather Walker and Don Johnson
  • Education is important! – Stephanie Hubert

Jack Kern, Stephanie Adams and Anna Zajicek also gave presentations on Make the most out of teaching camp and Faculty Affairs Programs and Initiatives.

Teaching Camp is an annual faculty teaching development program sponsored by the Wally Cordes Teaching and Faculty Support Center. TFSC covers all expenses (travel, accommodation, and meals) for participating teachers.

Be sure to look for the teaching camp announcement and apply next spring so you can join us for camp in August 2023!

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