Process and control today | Long life roller chains exhibited at Hispack 2022

Precision roller chain specialist, Tsubaki, is showcasing its range of durable, long-life chains for the packaging industry at Hispack, Barcelona, ​​May 24-27. Tsubaki will showcase its gripper chains for forming, filling and vacuum packaging applications, as well as specialty chains for long life when lubrication cannot be applied and corrosive environments. Tsubaki will be located at Stand 243, Calle B, Hall 3, Fiera Barcelona.

The international exhibition features more than 600 exhibitors, including machinery and component manufacturers as well as material suppliers from across the packaging industry. Designed and manufactured for optimum durability and service life, Tsubaki supplies roller chains to machine builders and users in all areas of Hispack, including packaging lines, industrial packaging, labeling and bottling, as well as logistics and automation.

Tsubaki will be showcasing its line of gripper chains for vacuum forming, filling and sealing operations. The chain’s durable springs have been developed to last over 10 million high-speed cycles and the side-pivoting design of the M-Type attachment, which can be combined with Tsubaki sprockets, provides very smooth operation for a optimum material supply. With recessed riveted pins for easy chain length adjustment, the grab chain is also easy to install with a spring-loaded fitting.

For many food packaging applications, the risk of contamination prevents roller chain lubrication, leading to accelerated chain deterioration and failures that halt productivity. To solve the problem, Tsubaki developed its Lambda roller chain, impregnated with NSF-H1 food grade lubrication to protect against chafing. Special sintered bushings retain lubricant, preventing contamination while extending chain life.

Tsubaki will also be showcasing its Neptune anti-corrosion roller chain. Suitable for packaging lines that require hygienic operation and undergo regular washing with harsh detergents, the Neptune chain includes a two-layer surface treatment that prevents rust. The chain is tested to 700 hours of salt water spray and 2000 hours of exposure to sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide, both of which are used in the food industry to clean and sanitize. The Neptune is also offered in a lubrication-impregnated Lambda version.

To ensure accurate chain measurements for pairs and multiples of chains used together on packaging machines, Tsubaki also provides a Match & Tag service. This ensures a maximum chain length difference of just 0.5mm which optimizes chain timing for new machines and facilitates quick and duplicate replacement for upgrading.

“Hispack is an important exhibition for Tsubaki because of our focus on packaging machine builders and users,” says Jake Yamamoto, Sales and Marketing Director of Tsubakimoto Europe. “Packaging machine users need high throughput as well as minimal downtime, and our chains are designed for long life, which both maximizes productivity and reduces total cost of ownership. We look forward to welcoming visitors to Hispack and demonstrating these benefits.

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