Rassie Erasmus suggests introducing specialist referees into the scrum

Rassie Erasmus suggested introducing a specialist scrum referee into the game to improve the refereeing around the set piece.

The scrum is a frequent source of debate in rugby, as it often takes too long to set up, while referees rarely play front row themselves and may lack in-depth knowledge of the scrum as a result. .

Scrums often result in penalties for one team or the other, although it is often difficult to tell which side is at fault, with teams often being rewarded with a scrum penalty despite not driving straight or not. do not rotate the scrum, for example.

South African director of rugby Rassie Erasmus wrote in his column for the Daily mail and argued that a specialist scrum referee should be brought in to improve set-piece officiating.

Rassie Erasmus on how to improve scrums.

“For international rugby, why not train a group of world-class scrum experts – former players or coaches – to serve as specialist scrum referees?” Erasmus wrote.

“These guys could move along the touchline, as close to the action as possible and as soon as a scrum is called, they sprint to referee it. Take them to the gym so they’re on and off the field fast. It would be their only job, so they wouldn’t have any impact on the rest of the game.

“There are about 20 scrums per game, so you can even put a microphone on them and link them to the TV commentary team so viewers understand what’s going on.

“According to the book of law, a team must be ready to form a scrum within 30 seconds of the referee’s mark. A scrum referee could monitor this.

The Springboks boss is well aware of the importance of the free kick.

Although Erasmus has never played in the front row himself, he is well aware of the importance of scrums, as the Springboks have heavily weaponized the set piece during his time in charge of his country.

The Springboks’ front line has always been feared, although Erasmus’ tactic of having two separate front lines who each play nearly 40 minutes each game has further accentuated their dominance.

South Africa don’t always emerge victorious at the scrum, of course, and are sometimes mistakenly awarded a set-piece penalty like everyone else, although Erasmus is clearly confident in their side’s ability to legally mixed.

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