Role of Belarus in the Ukrainian War

Russia has a short list of allies in the current war, and none are more valuable than Belarus, without which it cannot achieve its goal in Ukraine. Much like Ukraine, Belarus lies in the border regions which, when under Moscow’s control, give Russia strategic depth against its adversaries in Europe. Unlike Ukraine, Belarus is already firmly […]

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Allison Fedirka is Director of Analytics for Geopolitical Futures. In addition to writing analyses, she helps train new analysts, ensures the intellectual quality of analysts’ work and helps guide the forecasting process. Prior to joining Geopolitical Futures, Ms. Fedirka worked for Stratfor as a Latin America Specialist and later as Regional Director for Latin America. She has lived in South America – mainly Argentina and Brazil – for over seven years and, in addition to English, is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. Ms. Fedirka holds a BA in Spanish and International Studies from Washington University in St. Louis and an MA in International Relations and Affairs from Belgrano University, Argentina. His thesis focused on Brazil and Angola and South-South cooperation.

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