Sennheiser brings sound to life in the historic Motion car exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Automotive, Art, Architecture.

Movement. Automotive, Art, Architecture is a historical exhibition organized by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in collaboration with the Norman Foster Foundation. The legendary architect and renowned car enthusiast curated the exhibition and collaborated with another well-known car fanatic, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, for the sound design of some of his galleries. Immersive sound specialist Sennheiser was asked to deliver an innovative audio experience for the showcase.

Between April and September of this year, Movement. Automotive, Art, Architecture is an epic installation that traces the history of the automobile with the evolution of modern art, celebrating the artistic dimension of the car and connecting it to the parallel worlds of painting, sculpture, architecture, photography and cinema. Housed in seven thematic galleries, namely Begins, Sculptures, Popularising, Sporting, Visionaries, Americana and Future, Foster and his co-curators from the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Manuel Cirauqui and Lekha Hileman Waitoller, brought together 38 automobiles, each an archetype of the theme in terms of beauty, rarity, technical progress and vision for the future: alongside an exceptional selection of masterpieces by modern and contemporary artists and architects.

“These are extraordinarily beautiful objects, and they coexist on an equal level with great works of art and architecture,” Foster told reporters at the opening of the exhibit. “There is a cultural synergy and it goes against the silo mentality where we see something as art and these objects as a kind of car.”

Sennheiser was invited to join the exhibition, along with other automotive industry partners including Iberdrola, Volkswagen Group and Cadillac, due to its automotive expertise through its AMBEO Mobility division. AMBEO Mobility includes Sennheiser’s suite of immersive audio solutions, which the company is actively developing to revolutionize the future of in-car entertainment and communication.

One section of the exhibit is a dedicated learning space as part of the Guggenheim Museum’s Didaktika project, which designs educational content and activities to complement its exhibits. Musician, Nick Mason, who also owns one of the iconic cars on display, was approached to conceptualize the soundscape in this area of ​​the exhibit, in addition to giving the sound to a contemporary racing vehicle on display in the Visionaires lobby at racetrack sound levels. played immersively.

In the Didaktika Kitchen, Mason’s concept was to present a linear timeline of the automobiles featured throughout the exhibit, selecting and recording the sound of ten engines from among the collection’s most iconic and representative cars. To compose and activate the soundtrack, Nick Mason and his team at Ten Tenths selected and recorded moving cars, and partnered with Sennheiser to bring to life the vision of an emotionally rich and realistic sound experience fueled by immersive audio technology and expertise.

The finished piece is played evocatively along the hallway leading to the Future gallery, where design and architecture schools from around the world showcase their visionary automotive concepts, with support from the AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center, a European center for the generation of value for the automotive sector to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

“The composition gives voice to some of the most cutting-edge cars in automotive history, depicting the evolution of automotive engine sounds over time,” says Johannes Kares, sound engineer at Sennheiser. “Neumann loudspeakers were selected for their compact, invisible design and intimate, immersive audio quality, which was a perfect fit for this setup.”

The exhibit includes many rare examples, such as Nick Mason’s 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, a 1950 Porsche 356 Pre-A, one of the 1964 Aston Martin DB5s used in Goldfinger, a Lancia Stratos Zero concept car from 1970 and the 2020 Mercedes F1 of Lewis Hamilton. . Many cars come from private collections and public institutions, which means that this exhibition offers access to a wider audience for the first time.

“This is truly a revolutionary and unique exhibition. Never before has such a collection of automotive history and future concepts been brought together in one space, and with the dawn of the electric power revolution, the timing couldn’t be more appropriate,” concludes Sofia Brazzola. , Brand & Marketing Manager, AMBEO Mobility at Sennheiser. . “Sennheiser’s AMBEO Mobility business is committed and invested in the future of automotive audio and communication technology, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this landmark exhibition.

Movement. Cars, Art, Architecture – behind the scenes at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao | Sennheiser

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