TCBOE Approves Stem Lab Course and Extracurricular Pay Scale

Alicia Lambert, Superintendent of Tucker County Schools

From: Jennifer Britt

Attorney Parsons

In a special executive session, members of the Tucker County School Board conducted Superintendent Lambert’s year-end evaluation. In its final statement, the council said, “As a school system, we believe we are moving in the right direction. We should never be satisfied with where we are now. We can always do better.

We would like to see chronic student absenteeism decrease in all schools and see home-schooled students re-enroll.

We have been guiding our students safely through the COVID outbreak and look forward to another productive school year in 2022-2023.

TCHS Director Alex Cork offered BOE members a new course called STEM Lab Productions. Last semester, Cork and his staff pulled thousands of dollars worth of equipment out of storage. The intent of the course is to re-establish some form of the STEM Lab/Makers space the school once had. For two years, the equipment has been idle.

According to Cork, “This course would teach students how to use the school’s modern technological equipment to produce items for a ‘school store’. The course would also teach students practical business skills using standards similar to a WVDE course CTE called Business & Marketing, 1439.”

In the “school store”, students could use the equipment provided to produce items such as TCHS t-shirts, coffee mugs or key rings. They could produce many items by developing the ability to design and produce salable items using sublimation printers, 3D printers, CNC routers, large-scale printers, and other modern STEM equipment.

By allowing students to participate in this course, they will develop skills in customer relations, economics and financial analysis. Students will also evolve in the fields of emotional intelligence by applying ethics to demonstrate the reliability and management of information by acquiring fundamental knowledge to understand its nature and scope.

Students will also benefit from learning the roles/functions of operations. As well as professional development focused on self-development skills that enhance relationships and improve effectiveness in the work environment.

The BOE has voted to approve the proposed course beginning in the 2022-2023 school year.

Cork also proposed to make the 35-minute enrichment period count as one-fourth (1/4) credit per semester for a total of one-half (1/2) credit per year. The class will be officially recorded as course #7656 RETEACH/ENRCH on student transcripts as per the WVDE course code handbook.

Cork said: “The course will provide enrichment, remediation and support for students who are falling behind grade level standards in maths and English. The school would reserve the right to use a combination of grade-specific Edgenuity math and English enrichment paths. These pathways can be selected using benchmark data, PSAT data, SAT score data, or grade level.

Students would be exempt from reading and writing enrichment if they score 480 or more in the factual reading and writing section of the SAT. Students are exempt from math enrichment if they score 520 or more in the math section of the SAT. If a student achieves these scores in both sections, they would be exempt from both enrichment periods.

Cork explained that teachers will have a dashboard to track student progress. The teacher will be the facilitator and hold the students more responsible and accountable, which will lead to the students being more successful.

The board voted to approve the proposed course credit effective for the 2022-2023 school year.

The Board, with the help of Chief Financial Officer, Tracy Teets, has worked diligently to resolve a 20-plus year issue with the extended, supplemental, and extracurricular pay scale. This is the scale used to determine the amount of coaches and assistant coaches. paid.

After several drafts and working out details, the board was finally able to accept a scale presented for a salary increase for most school sports coaches. Teets first devised a matrix that would use a numerical scale to determine who got what based on factors such as the number of students coached and the length of the season.

Superintendent Alicia Lambert said, “We wanted to use the sustainability factor. We didn’t want to have to cut (salaries) in the future. Teets said that at present the agreed scale would be feasible for the current budget.

Head coaches from all schools will also receive $25 per year of experience. For example, if a coach has five years of football coaching experience, that coach will receive $25 for each of the five years in addition to the set salary. But if, for example, a coach leaves football and switches to softball, the year of experience starts over.

Board member Jessica Wamsley said: “The important thing to keep in mind is that no one is trying to highlight anyone’s efforts. That’s not what it’s about. I even feel a bit sad for football, even though he was by far the best of everyone.

I know these guys who are in these positions and they will all be fine because they don’t do it for the money they make because they love football and they love kids.

I just hope the idea as a board, as a school system, and as a community of parents, everyone appreciates what coaches do and what they go through.

The school board also reluctantly accepted the resignation of program specialist Keith Nichols effective July 1, 2022. Board member Wamsley said, “This one hurts.

Wanda Knotts’ retirement as a caretaker at TCHS effective at the end of the 2021-2022 school year was also agreed to. Knotts will remain as a substitute caretaker for the 2022-23 school year.

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