UH Mānoa graduate student, education specialist named Narcissus Queen

Ng performing a dance at the 72nd Narcissus Pageant.

Jenalyn Nggraduate student from the University of Hawaii in Manoa College of Educationwas crowned the 72nd Queen Narcissus April 3. Ng, who is also a preschool teacher and education specialist in uh Mānoa Children’s Center, earned him Bed in Early Childhood Education and is currently working on a MEd in curriculum studies with emphasis on preschool through third grade.

Jenalyn Ng

Ng was among five contestants who competed in four phases, which included the judges’ interview, talent, Chinese evening dress and speech.

“Congratulations to Jen! I am so proud that she is using her platform as Queen Narcissus to share the importance of meaningful early learning experiences,” the associate professor said. Lea Muccio. “She is a wonderful teacher mentor for initial licensure candidates because she has been in their shoes and shows them what is possible when children learn and grow through play. She shows how to value the voice and imagination of a child.

Apply teaching methods

Of her experiences at the College of Education, Ng said that studying teaching methods and learning styles and then having the opportunity to apply them during field placements and at the Children’s Center gave her a deeper understanding. the content taught to him.

“The Center of Excellence helped me develop my own teaching style and beliefs,” Ng said. “My undergraduate cohort coordinator, Leah Muccio, was amazing as well. She continues to support me as my supervisor in my masters program. She constantly helps me incorporate my passion for helping others and animals not only into my teaching, but also into my work as a teacher.

I hope to use my title to continue helping and giving back to organizations and causes in our community while promoting education
—Jenalyn Ng

Passionate about Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, Ng said she grew up struggling in school. It was her older brother who taught her basic geometry and angles using dance practices, which has worked for her since she was a dancer for 13 years.

“As a teacher, I see how important it is to not only understand what interests your students, but also how they learn best while fostering healthy self-esteem,” Ng concluded. “I am also passionate about animals. I grew up with a mini zoo in my home and continue to have lots of animals to this day. I often use animals to teach young children to learn empathy and to take care of something or someone other than themselves.

Community and State Ambassador

Ng’s responsibilities as Narcissus Queen include representing the local Chinese community through the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, as well as serving as an aloha ambassador. She and her court will also participate in a “Goodwill Tour” to mainland China as representatives of Hawaiiof the Chinese community.

“I hope to use my title to continue helping and giving back to organizations and causes in our community while promoting education,” Ng concluded.

This is an example of uh Mānoa’s goal of Improve student success (PDF), one of the four objectives identified in the Strategic Plan 2015-2025 (PDF), updated December 2020.

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